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Development Assessment

Conflict is a natural part of organizational dynamics. A well-managed conflict can lead to innovation, increased understanding, and stronger relationships among team members.

We help organizations adopt a proactive and constructive approach to conflict management, enabling a healthier and more productive work environment. 

Our team works with your leaders and team members to depersonalize conflict, clarify differences and adopt a resolution framework that contributes to positive outcomes. 

How it Works

Whether we are supporting two individuals or a group of people with different perspectives and priorities, we employ a framework that includes the following steps:

Recognize and acknowledge the conflict

Clarify the underlying tensions and their causes

Promote open and honest communication among the parties involved

Apply the Polarity Mapping Process to support collaboration and resolution

Monitor and evaluate outcomes

Encourage individuals and teams to reflect on conflicts and identify lessons learned to promote a culture of continuous improvement


If you are seeking an opportunity to develop or continue to develop as a leader from both an awareness standpoint as well as a tactical strategies and tools for how you can go about making change, this meets a nice middle ground. If you’re looking to grow as a leader from relationships formed outside of your organization in a structured way, this delivers that and is incredibly valuable. – Stephanie Morgan, Design Institute for Health

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