Case Study

Tension on The Team


A team of creative professionals was distracted by tension due to ambiguous expectations, unclear lines of authority, and counter-productive assumptions about the openness of leaders to hear about or to deal with the concerns of junior team members.

Centauric Contribution

Centauric began by interviewing leaders and team members to build an understanding of individual aspirations, needs, expectations and concerns. Next, we designed and facilitated a laboratory experience that allowed team members to share their perspectives in safety and work together to identify solutions to the tension on the team. Team members entered the lab with trepidation. As they day unfolded, tension turned to relief as participants began to understand the sources of their discomfort and see that there were reasonable and practical solutions to the dilemmas that had seemed insurmountable.


The team generated a list of possible solutions. Management endorsed the solutions; selecting three for immediate action. All team members reported that the lab and follow-up actions unleashed positive energy and put the team on a productive trajectory.

Elements of Centauric Approach:

  1. Individual Assessment
  2. Team Assessment
  3. Team Coaching
  4. Change Leadership