What We Do

Centauric offers an array of services targeting the challenges facing today’s leaders and their organizations.

Our approach

At pivotal moments, success hangs in the balance. Making the right moves requires more than a template or canned program. Rather than apply one-size-fits-all packages, Centauric constructs customized solutions that incorporate proven methods, specialized techniques, keen business acumen and deep behavioral science training. We draw on the following elements to address each client’s unique needs.


Measure what matters
Individual Assessment

Centauric psychologists use published tests, structured interviews, and customized simulations to evaluate and / or provide developmental feedback related to personality, capability and style. Insights from these assessments inform decisions concerning selection, team construction, conflict management, people due diligence, leader development and succession planning.

Team Assessment

Centauric social scientists use customized surveys, structured interviews and observations to evaluate and help our clients understand key aspects of team effectiveness. These may include goal clarity, alignment, role ambiguity, interpersonal dynamics and/or effectiveness of problem solving and decision making.

Organization Assessment

Centauric assembles targeted diagnostics providing valuable insight into organization dynamics, climate, and culture. Understanding tone at the top, mood in the middle and buzz at the bottom spotlights required actions and provides a baseline to evaluate impact of coaching and organization development initiatives.


Be clear, brave and intentional

Executive Coaching / Consultation

Centauric executive coaches serve as thought partners, sounding boards and idea clarifiers. We provide senior leaders with a confidential and safe opportunity to clarify choices, make tough decisions, experiment and act with intention. We enable leaders to understand their blind spots, lever their strengths and manage their potential derailers so they can operate with confidence, up their game or hit the ground running.

Manager Coaching

Centauric manager coaches highlight the importance of levering strengths, managing reputation and making winning moves at moments of impact. Each assignment involves individual assessment, identification of development goals and a plan of action. Manager coaching helps our clients to expand their repertoire as they strive to elevate the performance of their teams and advance their careers.

Team Coaching

Drawing from our repository of frameworks, tools, and proven methods, we construct group experiences that create clarity, lever diverse perspectives, combine talents, align effort and enable coordinated, intentional and impactful action.

Organization Development

Orchestrate success


Building, adapting and growing an organization requires clarity of purpose, an appreciation of environmental factors and clear choices about how to win by creating value. Centauric relies on a diverse team of business strategists, design thinkers, marketing gurus and behavioral scientists to enable our clients to engage in an inclusive and productive exploration of strategic choices. We have demonstrated that extensive background research, engaging important stakeholders and having a structured process leads to clear decisions and sets the stage for successful implementation.


Culture impacts behavior and how work gets done while climate impacts engagement and performance. When the two are managed intentionally, value is created. Centauric sociologists and strategists help set the stage for productive culture and climate by assessing current state and supporting leaders to intentionally model and reward behaviors and values they want to manifest in their organization. Change leadership, organization design and team coaching all come into play as we help embed, develop or modify culture and climate to elevate performance.

Organization Design

Centauric applies innovative design principles and rigorous approaches to help our clients evaluate their current organization structure and processes to target opportunities for improvement. Together we identify ways to supercharge their organizations, ensuring effective pathways for delivering value to customers, managing talent, communication and decision making.

Program Design and Implementation

Build a solid foundation


Centauric creates highly engaging, outcome-oriented learning experiences. We bring these to life on-line, in the classroom and on the job.  Our coaches work with individuals and small groups to reinforce and augment group learning.  Each experience is customized, taking into account the client’s specific strategic learning goals and cultural norms. We stress the importance of measuring the impact of our efforts on the achievement of targeted performance criteria. Centauric has designed and delivered learning experiences aimed at enhancing Innovation, Change Leadership, Manager Effectiveness, and Leader Impact.


Innovation is enhanced by diversity and collaboration. Centauric collaborates with innovation experts coming from the Stanford d-School, University of Maryland Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and UCLA Anderson School of Management. We draw on a range of disciplines, including: human centered design, neuroscience, business strategy, and human dynamics.

The Centauric team guides clients through a rigorous and creative approach to designing, testing and launching new ways of creating value.

Change Leadership

Centauric takes a multiprong approach to implementing change. All the services we provide, including assessment, design, problem solving, planning and leadership coaching lay the groundwork for the most important activity of all: moving ideas into action. We maintain a human centered approach, encouraging leaders to walk in the shoes of their employees and customers. Centauric advocates experimenting with prototypes – adjusting as needed, rather than taking months to build cumbersome, onerous and inflexible plans prior to launch. We value information provided by “resistance to change” so that our clients can adopt innovative solutions to real concerns and build strong guiding coalitions for change. Finally, with so many moving parts, Centauric applies program management protocols to build and maintain coordinated momentum. These efforts combine to achieve aligned action and business impact.

Putting it all together

Here are some examples of how we’ve combined the above elements to meet our clients’ needs.